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is made via email only


We also put an example by using Info2MIS (to create .MIS) and MIS Info Video.

1. Download and uncompress Recorded Movies.zip, 174KB (2006-04-12), (with subfolders: Action, Bio, Comedy ...)

2. Download and install MIS Info Video

3. Go to Folder and point to the folder where you uncompressed the Recorded Movies.zip

4. Click Refresh

You won't be able to play the movie (of course), but it will give you a better sense of the potential of this application.


Do I need a .MIS to play a file?

No but it's better if you have one.  For example, a podcaster could add URLs, chapters .... A movie could have a picture plus the plot, credit ...You may know what the movie was about but maybe not all the members of your family or friends does. Also by adding a rating-age to the media in the .MIS, it can help filter out content not suitable for young children.

You could ask the provider of the media files to make one. Plus, Info2MIS(Free) is there for that.

I can't see my media file?

You need to have the good video "codec" for the file. The most commons extension are:

.WMV (Windows Media Video)
.AVI (DivX or XviD)
.MPG (MPG1 or MPG2/VOB) - If you a have DVD player or capture card, most will have the codec
.MOV (QuickTime)

I can't hear my media file?

You need to have the good audio "codec" for the file. The most commons extension are:

AC3 - It's not a extension but often .AVI will use this to get 5.1 sound versus stereo(MP3)

The internal player can't play some files, what can I do?

You just need to install and/or configure an external player. If a file extension is not supported by MIS Info Video, it will instead launch the default application associated to it.

I want to use my own player instead but the .MIS (i.e. chapters, subtexts) is not supported?

You will need to ask them to support it. All the information is on our site.



v2.7.0b1 (2007-05-27)


  •  Add: In the Main page, 1 new way to display your media files: Thumbnail. Clicking on the picture or the link will go to the information page. Right click is deactivated. 3 column but going fullscreen will display more rows.


  •  Display the full size of the files(CD1, CD2) when using Picture and information 2  


  •  This is a test version. You may check the mainpage.html to see how it's done. Please sent feedback or errors on the blog.

v2.6.0 (2007-04-26)


  •  Add: Professionally made icons
  •  Add: Hotkeys in [ ]
  •  Add: In the Main page, 1 new way to display your media files: Picture and information 2. More information will be seen on one page
  •  Add: In the Option page, a new direct link to the Blog
  •  Add: In the Internal Player page, the new Automatic aspect ratio is now available. It will take the best choice between Full Window and Keep aspect ratio
  •  Add: The Profile Manager now include the new icons plus the state of protection of each profiles
  •  Add: More Vista "friendly"
  •  Change: If a change is detected in the Folder page, it will return to the Main page
  •  Change: The help (English/French) are now local HTML files. No pictures are included to lower the file size.


  •  When deleting a profile in Profile Manager, the pictures were not deleted
  •  In v2.5, when a password was asked when entering in a profile, an error was detected. 
  •  Many visual correction when resizing the application

    Notes with Vista:

  •  Take more time to install versus XP
  •  Run MIS Info Video as Administrator (first time)


v2.5.0 (2007-03-07)


  •  Add: Local help (html) included. It is based on the current support page. (English only)
  •  Add: Support for .TS
  •  Add: Detecting (once) if it's a French regional setting in Windows and set the language to French for MIV.
  •  Change: If a picture is selected, it will change the display mode to One picture at a time and not open the default application associated with the picture.
  •  Change: When opening a new profile, the message will show examples of folders. 


  •  MIV will be in front when opening a media file.
  •  &1 did not work properly when used with an external player
  •  Corrected a bug when MIV was started before the Profile Manager after the initial installation. The second time, MIV was correct


v2.4.0 (2007-01-30)


  •  Add: Now FREE (MIS Info Video Basic is now officially discontinued: remove it and install 2.4)
  •  Add: In the Main page, 1 new way to display your media files: Standard no pictures. This will be faster on slower computer.
  •  Add: In the Information page, search credit name on imdb.com
  •  Add: Option to hide the date when resuming
  •  Add: Enter an alternate name when resuming a second time (mostly for computers with one account)
  •  Change: In the Main page (display mode Picture and information), added the guest


  •  When changing the maximum age by hand, only the first number work
  •  FOLDER.MIF did not work properly when located in the root(e,g. CD, DVD)


v2.3.0 (2006-09-14)


  •  Add: View pictures: JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF
  •  Add: In the Main page, 3 new ways to display your media files: List with pictures(bigger), One picture at a time, Picture and information
  •  Add: If FOLDER.JPG is found and no picture is assign to a media or within a .MIS or FOLDER.MIF, then it will be the picture by default in the Main page for each media title
  •  Add: Support the tags picture-content, hide-subfolder in the FOLDER.MIF
  •  Add: Support .MIS additional tags 
  •  Add: Support for other extension (no playback): ISO, IMG, AMZN (Amazon Unbox)
  •  Add: In the Browser page, a status will be display at the bottom when loading a page.
  •  Change: In the Information page, multi line credits are better displayed for very long roles
  •  Change: In the Main page (second toolbar), you must only click the line to select or unselect a media to be deleted
  •  Change: In the Information page (second toolbar), when Saving information to text, the default text file name won't be example_mis.txt first but will be example.txt if it does not exist and then example_mis.txt.
  •  Change: In the Search page, a error message will be displayed if nothing is found. Otherwise, it will directly go to the Main page if something is found.
  •  Change: In the Main page, when changing the order, it will now remain on the same media
  •  Change: Some screens(message, password) will now be displayed in the current color scheme


  •  Some tags (note, trivia) did not display correctly
  •  In the Information page(second toolbar), when Saving information to text,if a ' was in the title, the application would caused an error.


v2.2.0 (2006-05-28)


  •  Add: Simple DVD player interface by integrating Windows Media Player 9/10
  •  Add: In the Main page,  a new column of thumbnails with the first picture (picture-content) in the .MIS
  •  Add: When searching, possibility to Include .MIS
  •  Add: Quick access to the Folder Page from the Main page on the second toolbar
  •  Change: Access to full screen in both Basic/Advanced mode


  •  When changing the font size by hand, an error was produced when the value was lower than 8


v2.1.0 (2006-05-01)


  •  Change: Unlimited profiles in basic mode
  •  Change: In the Information page, you can see the chapters (chapter-multi) or subtext (subtext-multi) contain in the .MIS
  •  Change: Disable the upper close button
  •  Change: When saving a resume point, user-track will not be saved if it's equal to 1
  •  Change: When converting a .MIS to .TXT, will remove the spaces at the right


  •  When looking at the pictures in the Picture Page a second time, the picture was not refresh properly
  •  When selecting a chapter from the Chapter page  and the chapter had more than one file, it would go to the position without changing the file.
  •  Will now delete Foxuser.dbf, Foxuser.fpt
  •  Some syntax errors (e.g. Advisary by Advisory)

v2.0.0 (2006-04-18)


  •  Add: Accept a filename has a command line to instantly play the media without the need to create a new profile
  •  Change: Able to Double Click on a resume point
  •  Change: If Allow Deleting is not checked, the Second toolbar button on the main page won't be visible


  •  Profile Manager deleted the good profile but did not refresh the screen properly in some cases

v2.0.0b4 (2006-04-13)


  •  Fix a bug when entering the About page. Very useful if you want to register!

v2.0.0b3 (2006-04-11)


  •  Add: Integrated player (Mouse Click will pause/play, Mouse RightClick will display/hide the controls, Wheelmouse will advanced/back the video)
  •  Add: Integrated browser based on IE 6.0 or configure to use your own
  •  Add: Display the number of images(i.e. 1/4, 2/4....)
  •  Add: New order: by original date, by file extension (avi, wmv..)
  •  Add: Can change the font size on the main page to better suit your screen resolution
  •  Add: When configuring an external player, you can decide to send the .MIS instead of the A/V file if the player support it
  •  Add: When reading a folder of extracted DVD, the filename VIDEO_TS.IFO will be given has the file but the title will be made from the parent folder (i.e. D:\MyDVD\My Home Movie 1\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO = "My Home Movie 1"). It will also searched for video_ts.mis first.
  •  Add: Can now save a .MIS to .TXT. You have a .MIS but don't want all of it to send in an email or to post on your website. myvideo.mis to myvideo_mis.txt.
  •  Add: Search a word in the title
  •  Add: Can hide/reorder a profile when the Profile Manager is launch
  •  Change: Color scheme for a newer look
  •  Change: If folder.mif exist, will now read the description-lg (new tag) first
  •  Change: Detect if a folder change was done and automatically do a Refresh
  •  Change: In the main page, a image will represent the content (video, audio, image...) attached to the .MIS instead of a *
  •  Change: Order by folder will take the season and episode into consideration
  •  Change: Order by file date will take the time into consideration
  •  Change: Font size goes from 8-24 to 8-34
  •  Change: When no active folder is found, a message will ask to add one
  •  Change: Maximum age, password, allow deleting is now for each Profile
  •  Change: Password can be ask when you enter MIV, when change profile options, both or deactivated
  •  Change: Profiles files have changes location (i.e. in D:\documents and Setting\user1\
    My Documents\McGrath Info Solution\MIS Info Video)
  •  Change: Deleting a file or files is now on the secondary toolbar and do not Refresh. You must select it or them.
  •  Change: Network folders are now available in both Basic and Advanced mode
  •  Change: When configuring an external player, you can have multiple extension separated by a space (i.e. MOV MP4 QT ...)
  •  Change: When navigating within the information page, the main page was not updated properly


  •  Added .htm to some link because of our change of server
  •  An error could happen if the first file you look at the information did not have a .MIS
  •  If the filename tag was different for the name of the filename, the information from the .MIS was not shown
  •  The language button was shown when the no .MIS, .NFO, .TXT was present
  •  Selecting a active external player would only take the first one. It did not unselect the previous one
  •  An error could happen when clicking on the header of some columns


  •  Do not support files with DRM with the internal player
  •  This is the first public beta (test) version
  •  A full documentation (support page) will be written at the end of the beta or before
  •  If Activate VMR9 is not active, secondary audio, snapshot and subtext are also deactivated
  •  Most Options will be active right away but if you change the Language and Activate VMR9, you must exit and restart MIV
  •  Only .MIS subtext is supported. You can convert a .SRT with IMDB 2 MIS when creating the .MIS


v1.2.1 (2005-11-14)


  •  Add: Support for the video files that do not have a .MIS attached to them. If the video file has a .NFO or .TXT with the same name, that information will be displayed. The order will be: .MIS, .NFO, .TXT. We strongly think that a video file with a .MIS is more practical in the long run.
  •  This will help make it more appealing with our new Associates Program


  •  None


  •  Current serial numbers (from v.1.0.0 +) are still valid
  •  Some of the links within the application might not work, add .htm at the end of the link


v1.2.0 (2005-10-19)


  •  Change: Now with a 30 days trial period
  •  Add: Support for the tag content-url (URL  the content)
  •  Add: Complete support for the tags source-title and source-url (e.g. a video (podcast) can now have many URL with a title for each link)

source-url =http://www.supercoolfan.com/products/demo/main.jsp#product=92
source-title :Super Fan P2234
source-end :
source-url =http://www.maxfan.com/products/maxfan87
source-title :Max Fan 87
source-end :


  •  Takes the .MIS filename instead of the file-name when displaying the RAW files


v1.1.0 (2005-09-27)


  •  Change: You can now continue to use the software past the 10 day trial period in a new Basic mode
  •  Add: The default order is now by List by file date
  •  Add: Possible to List by age
  •  Add: Go to Folder page when they are no valid folder (usually after a new installation)
  •  Add: Support for the tag extract-info
  •  Add: In Information Page, now display the original folder of the file


  •  When the trial period was finish, the URL linked to the wrong store page
  •  When writing the runtime-sec, it added a line with ":"
  •  List by folder was based on the file-name and not title, subtitle

v1.0.0 (2005-09-14)

    Official launch


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