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This basic tutorial is for those who received the generated database by a friend or after they made their own.

The recorded movies can be in the same folder or organized by genre like in this example below. It can be on a local drive or the network.



Configuring the folders:

Now, open Info2MIS

This step must be made at least one time.

Here, you see that DATA Folder is F:\IMDB\DATA\ . It could had been another folder. You don't need to verify the folder each time.


Here, you see that Folder \\HTPC02\RECORDED MOVIES\ is on a network drive. You must have at least one activated folder. It could had been another folder.

Note: You will be able to add more folders later on.


Exit the Info2MIS and uncompressed the database in the DATA Folder that is configured (e.g. F:\IMDB\DATA\). The compress file should contain dbcredit.dbf, dbcredit.fpt, dbimport.dbf .... with no *.cdx. in most cases to lower the overall size of the compressed file.

Note: If .cdx  are in the compressed file, you don't need to do the step of reindexing the database

Reindexing the database:

Open Info2MIS


Click on Reindex near the bottom


Wait ....

It is done. Took 29 seconds but it could be longer.

Exit the Import movies form.

Searching for movies:

Click Refresh

The main grid will then be populated with the filename found in the folder \\HTPC02\RECORDED MOVIES\

For our example, you will click None and only select Daredevil 2003 (filename: Daredevil_2003.avi). Many files can be selected at the same time.

Click Search

Wait a few seconds ....

You will noticed that IMDB Title is Daredevil (2003) that was found.

In 2003, 6 other movies with Daredevil and 2003 were made. Sometimes, a movie may appear 2 times like here but rare. Often, you may have, for example Daredevil (2003) (I) or Daredevil (2003) (II). This mean 2 very different movies with the name in the same year. It is also rare.

Click .MIS in the grid

Scroll down until you the description-lg. You will see that you have selected the good title.

Now, click on Search Page

Searching for the Source URL on the IMDB web site (optional):

Click on Search WEB

Click on the 1. Daredevil

You are on the good web page

Click on Source URL

Now, click on Search Page and scroll the main grid to the right (just to show you the result). You also have  access to other information (age, type, original date, genre, codec ...)


Searching for the right picture for the movie (optional):

Return on the Web Browser

Select Google.com and then click on Search WEB

After you saw a few pages, you decided that you found the right picture. Move the mouse over the suggested name (\\HTPC02\RECORDED MOVIES\ACTION\DAREDEVIL_2003.JPG) and do a Right-Click. This will in turn copy the name to be pasted later on. Move the mouse over the picture and do a Right-Click. Do Save Picture AS

Almost done.

Paste the name and click Save.

You can redo the step to add many pictures. The second time, the name will be ...DAREDEVIL_2003 I0001.JPG You may have extracted a DVD onto you hard drive or not and you want the DVD front and back.

Creating the .MIS:

Click .MIS

Wait a few seconds


Note: If no description is found, you can paste one in the Description (long) and click .MIS again


Open MIS Info Video and click Refresh

This is only the basic steps (including 2 optional) to create a .MIS when you have the database.

If you don't have the IMDB database or just need to create a .MIS for video/audio file, you just need to configure the folder (e.g. \\HTPC02\RECORDED MOVIES\ ) to populate the main grid, paste in a Description (long) and click .MIS

Note: Info 2 MIS will be the new name for IMDB 2 MIS giving you access to many more tags (easter egg, notes, review ...)



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