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Version number syntax

 M.m.c (e.g. 1.0.0)

 M = Major version
 m = Minor Version (Added features or current database File Structure (do not upgrade if you are not prepared to re-import)
 c  = Correction or small change


is made via email only


XMLTV File import (every time)

Go Tools - Import shows

Select the Folder where the XML generated from XMLTV are (first time only).

Click Refresh and the grid will be filled with XML files that are in the Folder

In the grid, click the checkbox of the files that you want to import.

Click Start and be wait a few minutes. On Pentium 4 2.8Ghz , it takes around 4-5 minutes for one 35 MB XML file(55 000+ entries for 13 days). 

How to use

Go Tools - Search shows

Search Page



Show Enter the search criteria of a show (word in the show name) . (e.g. enter rome and it will also return Andromeda and Making of Rome)
Search Perform the search and refresh the contents of the upper grid.

Upper Grid:



Show Name of the show.
Show(ID) Show ID given by labs.zap2it.com.
Genre Main genre of a show.
Date added Date added (imported). 

Middle Grid:



Select/Unselect Select the show for .MIS.
Title Name of the show or movie.
Subtitle Episode name of the show.
Part Part number of a show. (e.g. 2/3)
Season Season of the show. (Optional) (e.g. Season 4)
Episode Episode number for the season. (Optional) (e.g. Episode 15)
Original date Original date the show aired.
Year Original year the movie was released.
Episode(ID) Episode ID given by labs.zap2it.com.
Episode(int.) Episode number given by the producer.  (e.g. 101, M342, ...)
Genre Main genre of a show/movie.
Length Length of the show (e.g. 01:00:00, 00:30:00) or movie (e.g. 01:23:00)
Rating Sys. Rating system of the show (e.g. VCHIP) or movie (e.g. MPAA)
Rating Rating of the show (e.g. TV-PG) or movie (e.g. PG-13)
Star A critical star rating 0 to 4 for a movie
Audio Type of audio (e.g. Stereo, Dolby Digital)
Color Indicated by yes or no




All/None Select/Unselect all the episodes in the middle grid. Does not affect the other shows.
.MIS This creates the .MIS for each selected file (all shows and movies). The file will be written locally if not File is associated or the .MIS will written in the same folder as the File.

Bottom Grid:



Select/Unselect Select only one start time of the show/movie. (Optional)
Channel This is the channel number. (e.g. 300)
Call Sign This is the channel call sign. (e.g. HBO)
Start This is the start time of the show/movie.
Stop This is the stop time of the show/movie.




Description (long) This overrides the plot that is contained in the database.
Description (CE) By default, the first 4 lines of the Description (long) are taken if this is empty.
File This is the file associated with the show/movie.
MPEG4 or Dr.DivX This indicates information about the playability of the content.

MPEG4 - Will play in a DVD player that support MPG4


Dr.DivX - Will play in a DVD player that support DivX. Encoded with a predefined profile of Dr.DivX  



This software was made with Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 



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