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Current version: 2.1.0 (2009-03-03)
Beta version:

AuctionSiteWriter(ASW) will help you write an auction site using the Build A Niche Store(BANS), phpBay or eBay Widget script. 

The BANS script is one of the simplest way to make money online by listing eBay auctions on your site. phpBay or eBay Widget script are other ways that ASW does support by creating a basic site in seconds. You can also track the PageRank, Whois dates, indexed pages, backlinks, keyword position of your sites.

Bookmarking Demon will help drive targeted and buying traffic to your site. Thus, when using ASW you will save time and be able to create other keyword targeted auction sites.  If you own Bookmarking Demon but not BANS yet, ASW is also a free BMD ompanion for you. You can still use eBay Widget to create an auction site.

You can also use the Google Trends form to see if something can affect your auction sites.

See 2 demo sites that were made using phpBay API and eBay widget option: phpBay Demo and eBay Demo.

ASW has many features that can be use for auction sites but also for non-auctions sites.

Key Benefits

  •  Create a site in seconds using phpBayMyStarterBlog eBay Plugin or eBay Widget
  •  Save time by auto-filling most of the home and product pages for you on BANS
  •  Use your own template for the Home page and Products page of the BANS site. If you have Niche Store Writer, just copy your template into ASW
  •  Site Statistic to track PageRank, Whois dates, indexed pages, backlinks, keyword position
  •  Generate a RSS feed for each product page.
  •  Generate a XML file for Bookmarking Demon(BMD) based on your BANS products with the option to hide you links.
  •  Generate a XML file for Bookmarking Demon(BMD) using other links with the option to hide you links.
  •  Generate your anchor text based on your keywords.
  •  Use Google Trends to see if a trend can affect your auction site.
  •  Analyze your BMD runs. This will help find social bookmarking and scuttle sites that don't accept your submissions. Create or export a working list of scuttle sites for you or others
  •  Article spinner supporting also Syndicate Kahuna
  •  Free Basic version
  •  Low cost paid version available with free upgrades for life
  •  No spyware or adware

Note: Disabled items in ASW are only available in the paid version. Use the free basic version to see if you like it or not.

Optional third party tools

To be productive and save you time, those are the third party tools that we are suggesting and using. Like ASW, you pay once and get free upgrades.

Directory Submitter(free/paid): Submit your site(s) to directories. The paid option give more directories!
Article Submitter(free/paid): Write and submit articles with your anchor text in the author's bio section.  The paid option give more directories!
Fast Blog Finder(free/paid): Write real comments(no spam) using your anchor text on high ranking blog posts. The paid option give much more results!
BANS(paid): One of the easiest way to make money online using eBay.
phpBay Plugin/API(free/paid): Like BANS but for a blog(Wordpress plugin) or for more control(API). A free Wordpress plugin is available and too limited but give an ideal.
Bookmarking Demon(paid):  Create links using your targeted keywords for anchor text and drive traffic to your sites. The price will increased soon with the next version 4.0. Buy it now while you can if you have the money.
Niche Store Writer(paid): Write/preview a predefined text and copy it into your ASW template when it's done
SEO Elite(paid): Know how much competition you have for your anchor text
Keyword Elite(paid): Know which keywords will make you money and how many times they are searched per month
Domain Dashboard(paid): Manage domains, stats, and keywords from one control panel . Recommended when you have many domains. Your host must support WHM/cPanel like Host Gator do with their reseller account
Syndicate Kahuna(free/paid): You can get new content to your WordPress blog(free). The paid options will let you published spinned articles to avoid duplicate content to those free blogs.

Note: Host Gator with a reseller account is recommended if you build BANS or phpBay Plugin/API sites. Yes, it cost more but you will be on another server than shared hosted plans. Each domain will then be independent(own cpanel). If you plan on just a few domains, Host Gator shared plans are also good since BANS use them for the instructions to setup a BANS site.





Only  $37.00USD! 

or pay with:

or get it free!


(1) You can use your PayPal/AlertPay account(free accounts with both) or pay directly with your credit card(PayPal). The PayPal/AlertPay form is in English only.

(2) A serial number key file will be sent to you within 48 hours to the email you used for the payment or when completed the offer and we received confirmation from TrialPay. But in most cases, it will only take a few minutes.

(3)The refund Guarantee does not include TrialPay since you did not pay directly for AuctionSiteWriter.


AuctionSiteWriter (here) v2.1.0, 8.75 MB, 2009-03-03

Please, download to uncompress the update(free trial). You may buy it here (one time fee) or for more information

AuctionSiteWriter Update v2.1.0 update(stable), 806KB, 2008-03-03 (uncompress in the application folder)

     (e.g. C:\Program Files\McGrath Info Solution\AuctionSiteWriter)

Vista users: Make sure you have Full Control to the installation folder. Click on Properties of the folder - Security - Users (computer-name\users) - Edit -  Users (computer-name\users) - Full Control( check Allow) - Ok.

What's new

v2.1.0 (2009-03-03)  


  •  Add: In Write auction site, support MyStarterBlog: This will generate a MSB blog and then you can load it into MSB to add more content and use it's themes.  You will need the MSB eBay Plugin from NicheMate
  •  Add: In Plugin Code Builder, added the support for  MyStarterBlog(default)
  •  Add: In Site Statistics, you can analyse the WhoIS Expires date only, open the selected sites in batch in your default browser
  •  Add: In Write auction site, you have access to a simple HTML editor for the template, Build was change to Generate to be like MyStarterBlog
  •  Change:  In Write auction site, support up to 200 words
  •  Change: Many visual aspect has been made


  •  Minor corrections were also made


    This is a stable version. The documentation was not updated.



Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 2003(not tested)
Pentium III 1.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz
128 MB minimum
Hard disk space:

An Internet connection is a requirement.


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