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Current version:
Name Version Date
MIS Info Video 2.7.0 2007-07-24
Profile Manager 2.6.0 2007-04-26


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Free media player: Play DVD, AVI, MP3, MPEG or view pictures (JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, BMP) files, manage and obtain information about a media file using the MIS specification (subtext, chapters, URL...), .NFO or .TXT. It also give you the possibility to resume a media (video/audio), a 10-foot onscreen TV interface, parental control with a .MIS, sorting, profiles, work like a regular player (no profile needed), English/French ...

Use Info2MIS (included) to give your pictures, home movies, inventory ... in-depth information (who's in, location, price paid...) thus making it easy, for example, to find a love one pictures. Use Info2MIS to create a .MIS 2 clicks for a movie

Key Benefits

  •  Support password, parental control
  •  Can resume playback where you last stop it (support multi user and the .MIR specification
  •  Search credit name on imdb.com
  •  Option to hide the date when resuming
  •  Enter an alternate name when resuming a second time (mostly for computers with one user account)
  •  View your pictures (JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF)
  •  7 ways to navigate your media files
  •  Assign a default picture for each folders or each file without a previously assigned picture. Perfect for albums, TV series, theme folders ...
  •  Fully support the FOLDER.MIF
  •  Support more .MIS tags (purchase-ymd, estimate-price, warranty-ymd...) thus starting your own basic inventory system
  •  Support for other extension (no playback): ISO, IMG, AMZN (Amazon Unbox)
  •  Search for a word in the title or .MIS
  •  Let you play (1, 2) (DVD, AVI, WMV, MPEG 1/2, MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF, TS) and displays more types 
  •  Acts like a regular media player without the need to create a profile
  •  10-foot onscreen TV interface
  •  Support .MIS chapters, subtexts
  •  Manage more than 1 million titles per profiles
  •  Profile Manager Program to better organize your profiles
  •  Mini Web browser for the URLs within a .MIS
  •  Sort by original date, title, folder, file extension ...
  •  Create a .TXT from a .MIS
  •  Launch and play the VIDEO_TS.IFO(DVD) on your hard drive (2)
  •  12 Color scheme(6 gradient, 6 normal)
  •  Take snapshots of a video media
  •  Organize all of your video files with the help of a profile
  •  Resize to the screen resolution
  •  Configure your favorite video player
  •  Support network drive
  •  English and French support
  •  No spyware or adware

(1) Need a DVD decoder
(2) Need the appropriate decoders

Make your next DVD of movies ....

look like this

Imagine if a regular DVD player could read a .MIS!

Take the tour!(Flash)



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MIS Info Video

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For US and International users(alternative)

MIS Info Video (here) v2.7.0, 10.9 MB, 2007-07-24

MIS Info Video v2.7.0, 350KB, 2007-07-24

NOTE: Remove all previous version (beta, v1.x, v2.x)

MD5: 259A791EE9137978FEF3B37E8A641EE3

Please, download to uncompress the update. You may buy it here or for more information

MIS Info Video v2.7.0 update, 1.6 MB, 2007-07-24 (For v2.7b1 only, uncompress in the application folder)

     (e.g. C:\Program Files\McGrath Info Solution\MIS Info Video)

MD5: 9DD01504940BEAEC306FE18A378242C9

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MIS Info Video

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MIS Info Video 2.4.0 4.0 Award


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What's new

v2.7.0 (2007-07-24)


  •  Add: Support the MIS Specification v1.2000. All URL tags are now 200 characters. This will help in supporting tv.com longer URL
  •  Add: Added the following value to content-type in the File Specification section: URL (18), Blu-Ray(100011), HD-DVD (100012)
  •  Add: In the Main page, 1 new way to display your media files: Thumbnail. Clicking on the picture or the link will go to the information page. 3 columns will be shown.
  •  Change: Added the application Info2MIS with it's own folder. This will make it simpler to create a .MIS to be used with MIS Info Video
  •  Change: The blog button will now go to www.misfan.com for the latest news instead of going to Steve's Tech Blog by default. Right-Click will still go to Steve's Tech Blog.


  •  Fix many bugs concerning from the beta Thumbnail display mode
  •  Display the full size of the files(CD1, CD2) when using Picture and information 2  
  •  Fixed many minor troubles



  •  The Thumbnail display mode now use the mivmedia00.css file.



Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 2003(not tested)
Processor Memory: 128 MB minimum
Hard disk space: 25 MB of free space
Video: 800X480
Graphic: Latest DirectX 9 and video drivers (not the basic one), Windows Media Player 9/10
Input: Keyboard and Mouse


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